Men's Health

Commonly Requested Formulas for Patients Interested in Restoring Hormonal Balance (Hypogonadism)

  • Testosterone Topical Gel (VersaBase®) (FormulaPlus™ BUD Bracketed Study)
  • Testosterone Topical Lipoderm®
  • Clomiphene Citrate Topical Lipoderm® ActiveMax™ (FormulaPlus™ BUD Study)
  • Testosterone Topical Lipoderm® (FormulaPlus™ BUD Study)
  • Testosterone Rapid Dissolve Tablet (RDT-Plus™)
  • Anastrozole/Testosterone Topical
  • Testosterone Topical Gel-Cream (FormulaPlus™ BUD Study)
  • Testosterone/Chrysin Topical Cream
  • Testosterone Base A Troche
  • Anastrozole/Testosterone Sublingual Drops
  • Anastrozole Sublingual Tablet Triturate
  • Anastrozole/Testosterone Cypionate Oil Injection Solution
  • Testosterone/Anastrozole/HCG Topical Lipoderm®
  • Testosterone Cypionate/Zinc Sulfate Oil Injection Suspension
  • Testosterone Propionate/Testosterone Cypionate/Nandrolone Decanoate Oil Injection Solution
  • Pregnenolone Slow Release Capsule
  • Progesterone Topical Cream (VersaBase®)
  • Chorionic Gonadotropin Injection Solution

Commonly Requested Formulas for Patients with Erectile Dysfunction

  • Alprostadil/Papaverine HCl/Phentolamine Mesylate Injection Solution
  • (FormulaPlus™ BUD Study) Tri-Mix
  • Sildenafil Polyglycol Troche
  • Papaverine HCl/Phentolamine Mesylate/Atropine Sulfate/Alprostadil Injection
  • Solution Quad-Mix
  • Papaverine HCl/Phentolamine Mesylate/Alprostadil 400 UrethralGel (PF)
  • Alprostadil/Papaverine HCl/Phentolamine Mesylate Injection Solution
  • Papaverine HCl/Phentolamine Mesylate Injection Solution Bi-Mix

Commonly Requested Formulas for Patients Who Wish to Stop Smoking

  • Nicotine Sorbitol Lollipop Base
  • Nicotine/Chromium Picolinate Sorbitol Lollipop Base
  • Nicotine Base A Troche
  • Nicotine Polyglycol Troche Base Lollipop

Commonly Requested Formulas for Patients with Excessive Sweating/Body Odor/Hyperhidrosis

  • Glycopyrrolate Topical Solution
  • Glycopyrrolate Topical Foam (VersaBase®)
  • Glycopyrrolate Topical Spray (RheoSpray™)
  • Glycopyrrolate/Tea Tree Oil Topical Stick
  • Methenamine/Benzalkonium Chloride/Chlorhexidine Digluconate Topical Spray
  • Glutathione/Aluminum Chlorohydrate Topical Lotion (VersaBase®)

Commonly Requested Formulas for Patients Interested in Weight Loss/Fat Reduction

  • Phentermine Sorbitol Lollipop™ Base
  • Phentermine HCL/Chromium Picolinate Slow Release Capsules


  • Chorionic Gonadotropin Sublingual Solution (PF)
  • Chorionic Gonadotropin Base A Troche
  • Chorionic Gonadotropin Nasal Spray
  • Chorionic Gonadotropin Topical Lipoderm® HMW™

MIC (Lipotropics)

  • Methionine/Choline Chloride/Inositol/Cyanocobalamin Injection Solution (FormulaPlus™ BUD Study)
  • Choline Bitartrate/Methionine (DL)/Inositol Capsules (LoxOral™)

Commonly Requested Formulas for Patients with Hemorrhoids

  • Lidocaine/Hydrocortisone Base MBK/Wax Suppository
  • Pramoxine HCl/Zinc Oxide/Lidocaine HCl Rectal Gel (MucoLox™/VersaBase®)
  • Lidocaine/Hydrocortisone/Tranexamic Acid Base MBK/Wax Suppository
  • Lidocaine HCl/Hydrocortisone/Pramoxine HCl Topical Spray (RheoSpray™)
  • Lidocaine/Hydrocortisone Base MBK/Wax/MucoLox™ Suppository
  • Suppository, General Formula – Base MBK/Wax/MucoLox™
  • Aloe Vera/Vitamin E/Zinc Oxide Base MBK/Wax Suppository

Commonly Requested Formulas for Patients with Hair Loss

  • Minoxidil/Finasteride Topical Gel (VersaBase®)
  • Minoxidil/Finasteride Topical Shampoo (VersaBase®)
  • Minoxidil/Tretinoin/Finasteride Topical Solution
  • Minoxidil/Tretinoin/Finasteride/Progesterone Topical Solution
  • Minoxidil/Finasteride Scalp Solution
  • Minoxidil/Azelaic Acid/Tretinoin/Progesterone/ Finasteride Topical Foam (VersaBase®
  • Finasteride/Biotin/Magnesium/Silica Gel Capsules(LoxOral™)
  • Minoxidil/Zinc Pyrithione Topical Suspension
  • Minoxidil/Azelaic Acid Topical Foam (VersaBase®)
  • Minoxidil Topical Shampoo (VersaBase®)
  • Minoxidil Topical Solution
  • Minoxidil Topical Solution
  • Minoxidil/Azelaic Acid Topical Solution
  • Minoxidil/Finasteride Topical Spray (RheoSpray™)
  • Minoxidil Topical Spray (RheoSpray™)
  • Minoxidil/Melatonin/Finasteride/Tretinoin Scalp Solution

Commonly Requested Formulas for Shaving

  • Aloe Vera/Bacocalmine Pre-Shave Gel
  • Benzoyl Peroxide Shave Gel
  • After Shave Balm
  • DMAE/Gluconolactone/Acetyl Hexapeptide After Shave
  • Gluconolactone/Niacinamide/Aloe Vera After Shave

Commonly Requested Formulas for Patients with Nail Fungus

  • Itraconazole/Ibuprofen/DMSO Nail Solution
  • Terbinafine HCl/Fluconazole/Ibuprofen/Itraconazole Nail Suspension
  • Itraconazole/Undecylenic Acid/Salicylic Acid/Tea Tree Oil/DMSO Nail Solution
  • Ciclopirox/Itraconazole/Ibuprofen/Fluconazole/Terbinafine HCl/DMSO Topical Suspension
  • Ciclopirox/Urea Nail Gel
  • Itraconazole/Terbinafine HCl/Tea Tree Oil/Urea/Biotin/DMSO Nail Suspension
  • Ketoconazole/Urea/DMSO Nail Suspension
  • Ciclopirox/Fluconazole/Terbinafine HCl Topical Gel